NHL Stenden Fieldtrip Abdij de Westerburcht

NHL Stenden Fieldtrip Abdij de Westerburcht 17 March

Welcome all students and teachers at the fieldtrip at Abdij de Westerburcht! At this page all the information can be founded, that is needed for the presentation and the exercise. Hopefully, everyone has a great day and learn a lot!

Program of today


9:30 Welcome with everyone, coffee/thee and cake

9:40 Presentation

10:15 Divide in 3 groups and start with the guided tour

10:45 Explanation of the exercise and begin with the exercise in the same group

11:45 Pitch your ideas in 5 minutes and get feedback

12:15 End of the day


12:30 Welcome with everyone, coffee/thee and cake

12:40 Presentation

13:15 Divide in 3 groups and start with the guided tour

13:45 Explanation of the exercise and begin with the exercise in the same group

14:45 Pitch your ideas in 5 minutes and get feedback

15:15 End of the day

Abdij de Westerburcht through the years

In this chapter David will explain Abdij the Westerburcht through the years. Where does the name come from? How does Abdij de Westerburcht become as it is at this time? What is the story of the Westerburcht?


In this chapter Stan will explain something about sustainability. He will talk about the mission to become the first CO2-neutral hotel of Drenthe. And what we already do to be sustainable. Some future plans will be explained too.


In this chapter Emma and Mette will explain the impact of Covid-19. How does Abdij de Westerburcht create a safe environment for their guests despite the corona virus? Can the guests have breakfast, lunch and dinner? And how are they doing right now?

Abdij de Westerburcht through the years

My parents bought Hotel de Westerburcht in 1983. At the time a hotel with 6 hotel rooms and a shower and toilet in the hallway. After I completed the Hotel Management School in Leeuwarden, I started here.

My main goal in the short term was to make it a distinctive hotel. So I was looking for a theme. During a visit to Abbey de Koningshoeven in Berkel-Enschot, I met Brother Samuel, a small monk with a large beard and a wonderful personality. He convinced me to use the Koningshoeven Abbey as a theme, pure and honest. From that moment on, our hotel was renamed Abdij de Westerburcht. Marketing opportunities in 1998 were mainly limited to the Telefoongids and Gouden Gids, where hotels were listed in alphabetical order. So that worked out nicely ;-)

Today our hotel consists of 39 rooms with a great diversity. We have rooms with a private sauna, but also rooms with a bubble bath and a sun shower. In our restaurant we use a lot of vegetables and herbs from our own organic garden.

We are constantly looking for products and software with which we can distinguish ourselves, whereby the most important principle is that it fits in the ultimate hospitality experience of our guests.


This video shows the rebuilding plans of Abdij de Westerburcht a few years ago. This project was made possible in part by LEADER Zuid-West Drenthe.


Our main goal is to achieve being the first C02 neutral hotel in Drenthe.

For us this means being sustainable for animals, people & environment.

What did we already do?:

Heat pump | Solar panels | Electric heating | Electric steamer(s) | Herb garden | The Goodroll | Unwaste | Green choice | Coffee Grounds | Charging stations | Coffee (certified) | Guestkey | Waste management | Electric bus on order | Ecotap | Annoncer | Green supplier

Future plans:

Energy recovery system | Electric cooking | Enjay


During the pandemic, there changed a lot. Not only for the hotel and restaurant, but the walking routes, disinfection pillars and the way you threat your guests too. Exactly, it changed the company.

Before Covid de Westerburcht organized meetings, party's and there were big groups in the hotel. At this moment, they are only focussing on the smaller groups till sixteen people. They are focussing on quality instead of quantity.

The results of this new method are very good. Mostly, the guests are very satisfied. They do feel that we are focussing on them.


What did the Westerburcht do to still have a little revenue?

At the beginning of the pandemic Abdij de Westerburcht started with delivering High Tea at home. This become so popular that they even need to sell 'no'. The High Tea's are going very well, but it takes a lot of time to make, prepare and deliver. So, when the terrace opens they stopped with delivering High Tea's. They do not need the High Tea's at that moment anymore, because they had there revenue via the terrace. After a good period, the second wave of Corona started and de Westerburcht needs to create something new to 'survive'.

They saw that walking in the corona time was very popular, so they want to create something mixed with walking. They come up with the 'Smulroute'. They create walking, cycling and car routes. The guests get a red bag with a smulbox and a bottle water. The smulbox is filled with 10 sweet and savoury treats. At the beginning of the routes they get a warm drank and at the end a sandwich from the BBQ.

This video is made at the moment that some of the restrictions were lifted in the Netherlands. Abdij de Westerburcht want to show the guests with this video that they do have a safe environment. The video shows the measures taken in the restaurant, terrace and breakfast buffet.

Exercise sustainability

Abdij de Westerburcht wants to become the first CO2 neutral hotel of Drenthe, can you help them? Hopefully, you prepared the questions and do you know what CO2 neutral means and do you already have some new opportunities for the hotel or restaurant. With this exercise you come up with a new idea for Abdij de Westerburcht. A new idea to be more sustainable or to become a CO2 neutral hotel sooner. You have 1 hour and after that you will pitch your idea in 5 minutes and you get some feedback. Good luck!

What they already do

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