Dutch hotel | In the beautiful province Drenthe

The theme

You might think that we used to be an old abbey. That is not the case. We are a themed hotel, inspired by an abbey in the south of the Netherlands: Abdij Koningshoeven. Here one of the only Trappist beers in The Netherlands are brewed by monks. That beer is La Trappe.

When the owner took over the hotel from his parents, he wanted to make it a themed hotel. At the end of the year 1997 he traveled with his dad (the former owner) to the Koningshoeven abbey and had a tour from one of the monks. This monk told them all about the values of the monks living in the Abbey. The owner was so inspired by this that he wanted to use those values as the theme of his hotel. The monk gave him a window of painted glass as first building block and that was the start of Abdij de Westerburcht.

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Dutch hotel
Dutch hotel


The main thing that differentiates us from other Dutch hotels, are our rooms. In most hotels there are only small differances between rooms, most will look the same. That is not the case at our property. Just like our hotel, our rooms are themed as well. The most exciting part is that the themes are very different from each other! We have rooms with the abbey theme, but also rooms with more active themes.

Examples are the WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo theme, TT Circuit theme, we have a golf room but also beauty & wellness rooms with sunshowers! If wellness sounds right up your alley you should look at our rooms with a terrace and a private sauna! Our rooms are so comfortable, that you do not even need to leave the hotel to have a pleasant time here in The Netherlands!

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We love food, drinks and especially the combination. That is why we have a nice restaurant and big terrace where our guests can enjoy their beverages. The advantage of our terrace is that we have multiple heaters to keep you warm, also in the evenings. That way you can eat dinner outside and look at the Dutch sunset. In our restaurant we have an extensive menu, where we try to use as many regional products as possible. Our cooks even have an organic garden, with products such as vegetables and herbs. These products are used in the preparation of the dishes. We also have an extensive beer and wine menu and offer several highs: high tea, high coffee, high beer, high wine, and even a high cocktail.

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Dutch hotel
Dutch hotel


We are in the middle of the province Drenthe. Drenthe is known for its beautiful nature and also for the huge amount of cycle paths. There are also a lot of forests here, when you leave our parking lot you can be in the forest in less than a minute. We are also in the center of Westerbork, a fun village where a lot is happening. There are a lot of restaurants and little shops in the centre of the town and there is a great atmosphere in the entire town. Do you want to visit a city? You can go to Emmen, Assen, Hoogeveen and even Groningen within half an hour/45 minutes.

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