Abdij de Westerburcht: Sleeping in a sustainable location!

We aim to become the first Co2-neutral hotel in the province of Drenthe!

This is a goal for our future. We want to show you everything we have already achieved to become as sustainable as possible. Here is everyting you can expect as one of our guests:

The Goodroll

We use toiletpaper from The Good Roll. They produce 100% recycled, European toiletpaper. They also donate 50% of theire net income to an organisation wich builds toilets in Afrika. Sustainable for both planet ánd people!

Make the green choice yourself!

If you stay with us for more then 1 night, you get a choice. If you decide not to have our cleaning staff tidy up your room, you get a green token as a way of saying thanks!

You can make your choice by hanging a special black bag on the outside of your door. This means your room won't be cleaned by our housekeeping staff. Is there something you'd like replaced? Ofcourse! Just deposit the items you'd like replaced(fresh towels for instance) inside of the bag.

As a way of thanking you for making the green choice, you get a free drink in the form of a green token. This way we create a win-win scenario!

Our very own biological garden!

Our kitchen staff sure know how to cook! Not only that, they also have some green fingers. In our very own biological garden we grow a diverse selection of herbs, fruit and vegetables. We also acctually use these products in our dishes. Just ask our staff which ingredients come from our garden.

Solar panels

Our hotel has a realy big rooftop. This ofcours is ideal for laying solar panels! So we went ahead and did that. 190 of them to be precise. We got them from the Drentse company Zonne-energie Noord Nederland, from Beilen. This way we get almost all of our power in a green and sustainable way!

Staying in our sustainable hotel?

How oranges become soap

Did you grab some fresh orange juice this morning? This is not just a healthy and very tasty choice, but a green one as well! We dont trow away the peels from our oranges, but we use them to make soap! Because litter is to precious to trow away. At Unwaste they believe it doesn't have to exist at all. We collect all of our orange peels and let Unwaste take them with them. They make the most beautiful soap and shampoo out of them, which we use in our hotelrooms.

more info about Unwaste!
Abdij de Westerburcht: Sleeping in a sustainable location!
Chargingports for electric cars

Since 2020 we have 5 parking spots for electric cars. These are ofcourse outfitted with a charging station. You can recognise these parking spots by the green plugs we have paved in the floor. This way you can choose for green before you even get here.

Being nice and warm

A warm room without natural gas. We try to do this as sustainable as possible by using a heat pump. A heat pump takes heat out of the air, soil or the water in the ground and generates a usable temperature this way. We lower our ecological footprint whilst you still stay warm in your room!


Ofcourse is water very important to every one of us. But al the plastic in the bottles water comes in is a bit of a shame. That is why we have flat, and sparkeling water from EcoTap. EcoTap is a sustainable alternative for mineralwater from plastic bottles. We serve this water in glass bottles so we reduce our ecological footprint a bit ánd produce less litter.

Abdij de Westerburcht: Sleeping in a sustainable location!

How coffeegrounds become crouqettes

Ofcourse, everybode loves a good cup of coffee. But it does produce a lot of waste in the form of coffeegrounds! Good thing that we can do something with this type of waste. We work together with Gro. They collect coffeegrounds from all over the country. Then they use them in the production of their oyster mushrooms! This way we create a beautifull circulair process.

More info about Gro
A digital kitchen

If you've ever taken a peak into a professional kitchen, you probably know the dishes you order arrive in the kitchen trough paper tickets. Very handy, but this does use a lot of paper. That is why we use a digital ticketboard in our kitchen. With these eyecathing, but most of all handy screens we communicate the wishes of our guests to the kitchen.


Every establishment that produces food produces a lot of foodwaste as well. Both cooked as uncooked. This kind of waste is called SWILL. SWILL is very well suited to turn into new materials like compost or biofuel. This way there is no shame if your eyes were bigger then you stomach. Even the things you dont eat won't go to waste.

Sustainable napkins

Even when we set your table we think about the environment. We use napkins that are made with a renewable bindingagent. This agent is made from corn, lemonpeels and other foodwaste.

A circular way of cleaning!

When we come to clean your room we do this as sustainable as possible too. We achieve this by using the products of Clearcircle, a Dutch company which produces complete, sustainable and biodegradable cleaning products. The shipping and packaging happens in a sustaiable way too. Clearcircle collects our empty cartons to fill them again. This way 1 package of cleaning product can be used up to 7 times!

Local ánd sustainable food!

You have read all about our own biological garden where we grow our own herbs and veggies. But we use way more locally grown products! These kinds of ingredients are the most tastefull and ofcourse the most sustainable. A couple of examples are: asparagus from Balinge, goats cheese from Mantinege or eggs from Witteveen. And we can't forget about our very own quals! They lay their eggs in the spacefull pen we build them in our garden.

Everything in one place

You know the drill. You walk into your hotelroom and all the information you need has neatly been provided for you in a small binder. Really usefull, but using all of that paper is a bit of a shame too! That is why we have developed a digital system. Together with Hotek we made our very own "webapp". (for which you dont have to download anything!) Here you can find all of the information you need when you stay in our hotel, as well as the key to your room. How cool is that! Rather still get a paper version? Thats no problem either. Just ask us at the reception.

Quality, craftsmanship and most of all sustainable coffee

At Catunambú they not only offer top quality coffee, they also strive to ensure that their coffee beans come from a fair and sustainable origin. For example, all their plantations are certified and they support several Café Mundi initiatives, a company created to improve the education and living conditions of the local coffee farmers.

Catunambú also promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In Andalusia, for example, they sponsor numerous local youth football teams and regularly organize the 'Catunambú Cup'.

more info about Catunambu
Abdij de Westerburcht: Sleeping in a sustainable location!
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