Abdij de Westerburcht: Sustainable accomodation in Drenthe

Abdij de Westerburcht: Sustainable accomodation in Drenthe

We aim to become the first CO2-neurtal hotel in Drenthe!

This is a goal for the future! We would like to give you an overview of what we are already do to work as sustainable as possible and what you can expect as a guest with us.

The Goodroll

We use toiletpaper from The Good Roll. The Good Roll produces 100% recylced, toiletpaper rolls. In addition, they donate 50% of their net profit to the construction of toilets in Africa. Sustainable for both the planet and for the people themselves.

Make the green choice yourself!

If you choose to do not have your rooms cleaned, you will receive a drink from us in the form of a green coin as a thank you!

As a guest in the hotel you have the option to choose for sustainability. When you spend several nights with us, you can choose to hang a bag on the door. This means that your room does not need to be cleaned. Is there anything you would like replaced? That is possible! Place these items (f.e. towels) in the bag.

As a thank you, you will receive a green coin that can be used for a drink in our restaurant or on the terrace. A win-win situation for both you and us.

Our own organic garden

Our chefs are not only stars in the kitchen, but also have green fingers! Various vegetables, herbs and fruit trees grow in our organic garden. These are actually used in the dishes. Just ask our employees which ingredients of your dish comes from our own garden! Fresh and sustainable ;)

Solar panels

Our hotel has an incredibly large roof, ideal for installing solar panels. That is why we installed the solar panels, at least 190 pieces! We have these from the company Zonne-energie Noord Nederland from Beilen. In this way, almost all our energy is green and sustainable.

Spend the night in our sustainable hotel?

From orange to soap

Did you grab fresh orange juice for breakfast in the morning? Then you have not only traded very tasty and healthy, but also chose to be sustainable. We do not throw away the peels of our oranges, but they are reused as soap! Waste is too beautiful to throw away. At Unwaste they think it does not even have to exist. We collect all our orange peels and then have them collected by Unwaste. They turn this into delicious soap, which we use in the dispensers in our hotel rooms.

Abdij de Westerburcht: Sustainable accomodation in Drenthe
Charging points for electric cars

Since 2020 we have special parking spaces for electric cars. These are equipped with poles where you can charge the car. The parking spaces can be recognized by the nice green plugs that are placed on the ground.

Sit warmly

A warm room without natural gas. We do this as sustainably as possible by means of a heat pump. This extracts heat from the air, soil or groundwater and converts it to a usable temperature. In this way we reduce our CO2 emissions, but you are still warm!

Eco Tap water

Water is of course super important for everyone, but all the plastic in the bottles is a bit of waste. That is why we have still and sparkling water from EcoTapwater. EcoTapwater is a sustainable alternative to bottled mineral water. We pour this water into glass bottles, so that we reduce our CO2 emissions and our litter a bit.

Abdij de Westerburcht: Sustainable accomodation in Drenthe

From coffee grounds to croquettes

Of course we all love a cup of coffee. Coffee does produce a lot of waste, namely coffee grounds. Fortunately, we can do something really nice with coffee grounds. We work together with GRO to create a circular process. They collect our coffee grounds, use it to grow oyster mushrooms, and we get delicious oyster mushroom croquettes and bitterballen in return. In this way, our waste is used to make a beautiful low-CO2 product.

More information about GRO
Digital kitchen system

Anyone who has ever taken a look in a professional kitchen knows that the delicious dishes that the guests order arrive through paper receipts. This of course costs a lot of paper! That is why we use a digital system at Westerburcht. These practical screens are used to communicate to the kitchen what the wishes of our guests are. So, both convenient and sustainable.


Food residues are released at every company where food is prepared. This can be cooked or uncooked. This type of waste is called SWILL. SWILL waste can be processed very well into new raw materials. Think of compost or biogas. So, it does not matter if you had your eyes bigger than your stomach. Even the things you do not eat are not wasted. A truly sustainable solution.

Sustainable napkins

Sustainable is even considered when covering your table. We use napkins that are made with a renewable binder. This is produces with sorn, lemon peels and other food waste. This is how we bring residual waste back to the table of you, the guest.

Circular cleaning

If we clean your room, we will of course do this as sustainable as possible. We use the cleaning products from Clearcircle, a Dutch company that makes completely circular sustainable and biodegradable cleaning products. The packaging and sending of their products is also done in a circular manner. The packagings with cleaning agent are therefore taken back empty by Clearcircle, after which they are refilled and reused.

Local and sustainable food!

In addition to our own organic vegetable garden, which you have been able to read more about above, we use many more local products. These are of course the tastiest, and the most sustainable! For example, we use asparagus from Balinge, goat cheese from Mantinge and eggs from Witteveen. Of course we can not forget our own quails either. They roam around in the spacious loft that has been built for them next to our vegetable garden.

Everything in one place

You know it? You enter your hotel room and all the information you need during your stay is neatly ready in a folder. Super handy, but a bit of a waste of all that paper! That is why we have developed a digital system in collaboration with Hotek. In our "web app" (for which you do not have to download anything!) you can find all the information you would otherwise have on paper, so not so sustainable. You can also open your hotel room with this web app. How nice is that! Do you prefer it physically? No problem. We are happy to help you at the reception.

High-quality, traditionally brewed and above all sustainable coffee

Why do we have Catunambu coffee beans?

Catanambu not only wants to offer top quality coffee, but they also aim to ensure that the coffee beans they work with are of fair and sustainable origin. For example, all plantations are certified ad they support various Café Mundi initiatives, a company that was created to improve the education and living conditions of the local coffee farmers.

Catanambu also promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle. For example, they sponsor numerous youth football teams in Andalusia and organize the "Catanambu cup"

Abdij de Westerburcht: Sustainable accomodation in Drenthe

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