Roomservice I Let us deliver it to your door


You're in your hotelroom and feel peckish. However... you don't feel like walking to the restaurant. That is why we have roomservice! You can find all the different options you have when ordering food or drinks to your hotelroom. You simply call to the restaurant and order something tasty. You can pick between several different drinks and small bites.

Soda's and hot drinks.

Would you like to drink something refreshing? With us you get plenty of choice! Will you have a traditional coke? Or would you rather have one of our specials from 'Double Dutch'? These are soda's (so alcoholfree) which we dress up like a cocktail.

Rather have something warm to drink? We have plenty of choice in that department as well. How about a tasty latte macchiato (with a caramel drizzle?) or a hot chocolate (with some whipped cream of course!).

Our soda's & hot drinks
Roomservice I Let us deliver it to your door
Roomservice I Let us deliver it to your door


They are amazing to look at and taste even better, cocktails! Picture yourself in the Spanish sun with the tasty "Spain" (Likeur 43 | wodka | orange juice | cranberry) or have a taste of the true clasic among cocktails, the "Mojito" (Rum | sugar | soda water | lime | mint).

Are you not a fan of alcohol? Come taste our many mocktails! (alcohol free). Try the "Strawberry Kiss" (Pineapple | passionfruit | lime | strawberry) or the "Safe Sex on the Beach" (Orange juice | cranberry | peach).

The cocktail menu

You can order roomservice untill 22:00, call: +31593-331238

Wines and beers

Fancy a delicious (craft) beer? We offer plenty of different beers, both draft and bottled. We have a beautifull collaberation with La Trappe (one of only two Dutch beers brewed in authentic abby's), which means we have (almost) all of theire beers, but of course we offer a tasty IPA or a regular pilsner as well.

More of a wine entousiast? We offer plenty of tasty wines as well. We have selected our wines with care. Are you a fan of a French Chardonnay, or would you rather taste our Chillean Camerene. You can ask our staff about our sustainable, alcoholfree or even vegan wines!

Our beers our wines
Roomservice I Let us deliver it to your door
Roomservice I Let us deliver it to your door

To go with your drinks

Do you often feel peckish in the evening? Our roomservice willl become your best friend then! You can choose out of several tasty treats to go with the drinks you just orderd. What about our Dutch bitterbals, a dish of nuts, a serving of onionrings with garlicsauce or a combination of them all on our extensive "Serving board the Westerburcht". This is made up from everyting listed above, as well as several meats and cheeses.

Our fingerfood
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