High Cocktail

High Cocktail | Besides the High Wine and the High Beer, we now also have the High Cocktail! We have 18 different alcoholic cocktails and 7 (non-alcoholic) mocktails. Take a seat on our heated terrace nearby a fire place or in our atmospheric restaurant. Abdij de Westerburcht is centrally located in the province Drenthe on a short distance from Assen, Hoogeveen and Emmen. Combine this High Cocktail with a walk through the beautiful nature of Drenthe. Choose your favourite cocktail and enjoy!

The High Cocktail is for everybody who wishes to drink something else than a beer or a glass of wine. Take for example a sweet Melon Passion (wodka, melonade, passion fruit) or a Spanish Solero (liqueur 43, wodka, passion fruit, milk). Are you are true coconut lover? Try the Strawberry Coconut (rum, orange juice, strawberry, coconut, cream) or a Mai Tai (rum, passion fruit, pineapple, coconut). Have a look at our full cocktail menu and choose your favourite!

We like to search for something new and unique. The High Cocktail is perfect. Who doesn't like a great cocktail with snacks on the side? The High Cocktail consists of a tasting of 2 cocktails. This goes together with nacho's and black olives marinated in herbs and garlic. Next to that, we serve delicious mushroom 'bitterballen' and goat cheese croquettes. Everything is vegetarian. However, if you prefer a 'bitterbal' with meat, please mention this to one of our staff and you will enjoy a Burgundian or La Trappe Quadrupel 'bitterbal'. 


  • From two people onwards
  • The Non-Alcoholic High Cocktail version is € 22.50 p.p.
  • Everything is vegetarian but can be ordered with meat
  • The High Cocktail can be combined with another 'High'. Please mention this in the form below.
  • U can enjoy the High Cocktail between 12.00 and 23.00 pm.
From € 24.50 p.p.
High Cocktail
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