Mantingerzand | a beautiful drift-sand area


Mantingerzand | 44 km

This route has been compiled by Abbey de Westerburcht. Along the way there are several options to have a cup of coffee somewhere (Mantinge & Nieuw Balinge).
The route goes through the vast area of Mantingerzand and the beautiful forests of Drenthe.

Mantingerzand was created by the cutting of heather layers and the presence of sheep in the area. Because humans and sheep caused a lot of damage to the top layer of the sand, the underlying sand layers were exposed. This created the sand drifts.

This route has the following cycling junctions:

90, 91, 99, 60, 64, 62, 10, 23, 24, 18, 66, 83, 61, 69, 63, 85, 97, 90

You can find cycling junction 90 as follows:

  1. Leave the parking lot of Abbey de Westerburcht and turn right.
  2. After 150m you will find junction 90 and you can follow the route towards 91.
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