Active excursions in Drenthe for all ages

Enjoy the surroundings of Drenthe

Active Excursions in Drenthe | A day of walking/biking across the beautiful heathland Drenthe has to offer. Taking a trip around the world in 1 day at Wildlands Adventure Zoo. From young to old, there is always room for an active excursion in the province. Climbing and clambering together with the family in outdoor park Grolloo, or walking together to the tops of the trees on the Boomkroonpad in Borger. Drenthe has the ideal outdoor trip you are looking for!

Adventure Zoo Wildlands

In WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen you travel through the jungle, the savanna, and the polar region. As a true explorer, you will discover new worlds, stand eye to eye with wild animals and experience exciting adventures. A fun outdoor activity for everyone.

The zoo is divided into 3 climate zones namely Jungola (the jungle), Serenga (the savanna), and Nortica (the polar region).

Active excursions in Drenthe for all ages

Joytime Leisure Activities is an ideal active excursion. A beautiful climbing forest located in an absolutely unique place. Voted the most fun outing of Drenthe in 2018 by the ANWB! Around and on recreational lake De Kleine Moere (Grolloo, near Assen) you will find six courses varying between two and ten meters in height. 76 obstacles and no less than 725 meters of cableway await you. At least if you dare...

At Buitencentrum Boomkroonpad, several biking and hiking trails begin through this spacious area. You can also visit this visitor center for a variety of activities, a presentation on forest life, and a store with fun stuff. If you want to see the forest from a different perspective, take a walk on the Boomkroonpad. This trail leads you high up along the tops of the trees.

Play on the finest golf courses in beautiful surroundings and enjoy the peace and quiet of Drenthe. We offer a selection of the best 18-hole golf courses in the area.

Active excursions in Drenthe for all ages

Cycling & Hiking

Drenthe is the ideal province to go to for peace and quiet. Even if you do your best you will hardly encounter anyone! So a perfect escape to enjoy nature with a nice walk or bike ride. Relax in nature.

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Museum Village Orvelte

In the lively historic village Orvelte - where people just live and work - experience history firsthand. Join us on a journey and experience Orvelte for yourself!

There are beautiful, thatched Saxon farms and other rustic buildings. Beautiful to walk past, but even more, fun to take a look inside. At some of these farms, you are welcome!

The village center is regularly the central setting for special events and theme days, folklore groups, special markets, and theater performances. These are just a small sample of the wide range on offer. It is important to take your time for this excursion to Orvelte!

Museum village orvelte
Active excursions in Drenthe for all ages
Active excursions in Drenthe for all ages


Is it great weather right now to take a dip? Then we have several places in the area to cool off. We have two nice natural lakes. The Ieberenplas, this is a somewhat smaller lake and fairly shallow, perfect for an outing with the kids. The Blauwe Meer is a fairly large lake with incredibly beautiful surroundings. We also have an outdoor swimming pool in the village itself. Several locations for the ideal outing on a hot day.

Blauwe meer
Swimming pool 'de boskamp'

At the Prison Museum - located in one of the colony's original buildings - you will learn all about the history of Veenhuizen. About the long journey there, the extraordinary colony landscape, and the hard work that had to be done. Look around the house of a civil servant, and see the identification cards, which show exactly who used to live in Veenhuizen. The Prison Museum is a suitable excursion for every age.

TT Circuit Assen | 2023 is the year when the 92nd edition of the TT will be held. The track only received its permanent status in 1992. Until then, part of the circuit was public road.

The circuit hosts the MotoGP, World Superbike & British Superbikes, among others. You can also go on the track yourself with your own motorcycle or car and get guided tours.

The Van Gogh House in New Amsterdam/Veenoord is the only publicly accessible building in the Netherlands where one of the world's most famous painters, Vincent van Gogh, lived and worked. A fun day out to discover Vincent van Gogh's past.

Active excursions in Drenthe for all ages


Enjoy a day of swimming and lying on the beach at the Zuidlaardermeer or the complete opposite and practice one of the water sports. It is all possible at the Zuidlaardermeer. Rent a boat yourself or take a tour boat and discover the beautiful surroundings at the lake. An ideal excursion for the whole family.

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Hunebedcentrum Borger

The Hunebedcentrum in Borger on the Drentse Hondsrug puts you on the trail to prehistory. To the time when the first farmers settled in Drenthe. These farmers built impressive stone burial monuments whose remains can still be admired today in the Drentse landscape. There are 54 still standing and the largest is right next to the center.

Hunebedcentrum Borger
Active excursions in Drenthe for all ages
Active excursions in Drenthe for all ages

Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork

The museum of the Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork tells about the lives of camp victims and survivors. Personal stories in exhibitions and films make the story of camp Westerbork accessible to children as well. Film images from 1944, a partially furnished barracks, a last farewell greeting thrown from the train, a large scale model of the camp, drawings of children playing give an image and a feeling of this eloquent past.

Herinneringscentrum kamp westerbork
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The Drentse Koe is a perfect excursion for the whole family. The farm is both a farm and a recreation facility. You can let the kids play and enjoy the delicious products De Drentse Koe has to offer yourself in the meantime. The children can have a great time at the farm and get an idea of farm life. They can ride around on the play tractor like a real farmer or enjoy the playground.

Discover the museum's beautiful building and masterpieces. Every month there are new exhibitions waiting for you. The museum is also suitable to come with children. There are many activities to do every day.

At Drouwenerzand, admission to the amusement park includes food and drinks. The park is suitable for all ages from 3 years and up. Enjoy a day out without having to think about anything. An active excursion for the whole family. Do you dare the exciting attractions?

Active excursions in Drenthe for all ages

Outdoor Museum Ellert & Brammert

The outdoor museum Ellert and Brammert shows what living and life were like in the past in Drenthe. They show this through different elements such like: a plaggenhut, a tollhouse, a small school, a Saxon farm, and a prison.

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Discover how peat history came to life in Drenthe. At the Veenpark you will walk through nostalgic villages and a natural bog area with a real peat excavation. To make it even more fun, you will also sail through the area. The baker, the grocer, the clog maker, and the peat cutter are at work there daily.

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Active excursions in Drenthe for all ages
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